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Children learn by example, and the examples set by Henty's heroes of honesty, integrity, hard work, courage, diligence, perseverance, personal honor, and strong Christian faith are unsurpassed. And, each hero is at the center of fast-moving adventures that capture the reader's interest and will not let go - adventures that take place during great historical events.

From the French Revolution to the Great Plague of London, from the Crusades to the American Civil War, Henty readers learn in-depth history, superior vocabulary and literary techniques, and the advantages of high personal character - while they are being entertained by a master storyteller.

The Robinson Books Henty Collection is outstanding reading for any person - young or old, regardless of educational background.

All 99 of Mr. Henty's books are available in either hard cover or soft cover from Robinson Books in the original unedited printed formats.